Long Layover? No Problem! Relax and Enjoy a Terrific Meal While You Wait

Do you have an upcoming flight that includes a layover? Will you have time to squeeze in a meal? If so, you don’t have to rely on pretzels, nuts and pre-packaged sandwiches to survive your trip, when most airports, especially the larger ones, offer a large selection of dining options featuring different cuisines and atmospheres.

To help you discover dining options at some of the nation’s busiest airports, check out the Airport Dining Guides by the popular online food magazine Eater. These guides will help you find the food you’re looking for whether you’re in the mood for your favorite fast food fix or you want to try something new and some place trendy and upscale.

Each Eater guide gives an overview of the restaurants at the designated airport, and may include hyperlinks to the restaurant websites as well. In addition, the guides list top picks for each airport and also provides useful details about where the restaurant is located, such as the terminal and gate numbers it’s near or whether the restaurant is in a pre- or post-security area.

To find something good to eat during your next airport layover, visit Eater Airport Dining Guides.