About Us

For the Traveler

You’ve finally taken off work, and are ready to kick back on that dream vacation…but now what? You’ve spent hours searching for things to do and places to eat to make this a great trip, but you’ve hit hundreds of dead ends that don’t apply to your taste, price range or schedule.

That’s where we come in. PointSearch is all about zoning in on exactly what you like and what works for you – and if you’re on a family or buddy trip, what works for everyone. With just a few clicks, you can tell PointSearch what you’re looking for, and we’ll only list the options that you want to see. Narrowing down the list by price, distance from your hotel, age and other important details, PointSearch allows you to quickly and easily create the perfect itinerary, and share it with friends too!

For the Venue Owner

Whether you manage a tourist attraction, park, theatre, restaurant, or any vacation or visitor venue, you want to list your site on PointSearch. We’re not just another travel site. PointSearch was created for search accuracy – we’re designed to point qualified travelers in your direction and help customers find you quickly and efficiently.