Camp’s Over, Now What?

Camp Swimmer | Plan a Trip

That dreaded time of year is here. Camp has ended but school is not scheduled to start for another few weeks. Here are some ideas if you are not planning a vacation.

  1. Consider a trip to the beach or head to the town pool or country club.
  2. See what your town has to offer. Many towns offer activities on an hourly basis. Also, check your library and craft store for activities.
  3. Plan a trip to a museum or theatrical performance. Young children often enjoy displays of trains, cars, and dolls or highly animated performances.
  4. Plan a trip to the zoo or aquarium.
  5. Play miniature golf, bowl, or go to the movies or an amusement park.
  6. If you live outside the city, plan a trip to see the sights.

Whatever you do, make it fun!