How to Maintain Your Weight While on Vacation

Maintaining your weight while on vacation is often a challenge. It may be easier if your vacation
is filled with sports, centers around a sport like skiing, or includes a lot of walking. Two of the
most challenging types of vacations are the all-inclusive vacation and the cruise since meals
and sometimes alcohol are included. When taking a vacation, consider how your meals change.

• Do you eat a big breakfast and lunch when home?
• Do you eat an appetizer and dessert every night with dinner?
• Would you consider either getting just an appetizer or just a dessert as a splurge?
• Can you ask the chef to use less oil or butter?
• Would you consider food that is grilled rather than fried?

One of the most overlooked and easiest ways to assist with maintaining your weight and feeling satiated is to drink water.

Finally, alcohol consumption may lead to excessive calories and as a result, weight gain. The following are tips to help you maintain your weight while still enjoying alcohol.

• Consider beer, wine, and straight alcohol, or alcohol mixed with water, seltzer or diet soda.
• If you’re having a cocktail, consider having it served in a rocks glass rather than a highball glass
to reduce the amount of soda or juice.
• If you want a fancier drink, choose a non-frozen drink. Premixed drinks that are dispensed from
machines are often high in sugar and calories.

The key to maintaining your weight while on vacation is to make smart choices about eating
and drinking.