How to Perfectly Pack Your Suitcase

Getting all your things in your suitcase and still getting it closed is always a challenge, especially when packing for a week or longer. However, there are some strategies to help you do this well. For example, have you ever heard of the clothing countdown? According to The New York Times, this strategy works well for a week-long trip. You start with the number 5 and count down, packing five pairs of underwear and socks; four shirts; three bottoms; two pairs of shoes; and a hat. You then round out your suitcase with any special items you may need for your trip such as a dress, sport coat, or bathing suit.

The Times ran a series of helpful articles on packing this past summer that included How to Pack a Suitcase, How to Pick a Suitcase, Packing for a Family Trip, Packing Lists by Trip, and answers to some frequently asked questions about packing. You can access the articles at The New York Times Travel.